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S&P 500 Index Constituents SMIF Fund's Current Sector Weights

News and research sites

Business and Economics Database from CSUF Library

  • Morningstar Investment Research Center

  • Factiva  includes searching for news, company, and industry information 

  • Mergent contains company data including balance sheets, income statements, bond information, etc.

  • LEXIS/NEXIS contains news related to company and  industry reports, law cases, and newspaper articles.

  • Value Line Investment Survey tracks 1,700 stocks

Finance.Yahoo - price quote, news, earnings, etc.

Economic Calendar from Forexfactory - economic indicators for the month

Economic Calendar from MarketWatch - economic indicators for the month

Economic Calendar from - economic indicators for the month

Market Watch - news, market data, etc.

CNBC - news, market data, etc.

S&P500 Index Components and Weights

S&P500 Sector Tracker - Track S&P500's 9 sectors

Infomine - a great source for commodity prices - equities, commodity/futures, notes/bonds, and economic data - markets, futures, forex, and sectors data and charts - beta, financials, ratios, etc.

Morningstar - 10 years of P/E, mutual fund data and screening, etc. - free access to 90+ metrics on all US public stocks, as well as over 40,000 economic indicators

Google Finance - news, market data, etc.

Bloomberg - news, market data, commentary, etc.

Treasury Yield Curve Rates - Daily data for all Treasury yields - Economic and government data

Economic Data - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - historical interest rates data

Value Line Investment Survey - tracks 1,700 stocks

Reuters - financial ratios, industry and sector analysis, etc.

ETF Center - Screening exchange-traded funds

MSN.MoneyCentral - 10 years of P/E, financial ratios including industry's

Money.CNN - news, market data, etc.

BarChart - Futures quotes, data, and trading resources - real time insider trading data

Securities and Exchange Commission - EDGAR database that contains corporate and insider filings

SEC Info - compiles SEC EDGAR database and is easier to use

NASD Bond Info - bond yields and transaction information on corporate bonds

Multext @ Reuters - sources of free and paid analyst reports - reports whispered earnings

Earnings Announcement Date

Global Interest Rates

After Hour & Pre-Market Quotes

Stockpickr! - shows the stock holdings of professional managers

Business Week - corporate and economic news

The Motley Fool - commentary, news, etc.

NYSE - fact book and short interest for NYSE stocks

The pan-European Exchange - quotes for European stocks

Damodaran Online - investment valuation models and data provided by Professor Damodaran at NYU

S&P Dividend Yield data

Many other finance links and websites - finance journals, financial institutions, link collections, etc.


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