Volume 25 Number 4, 2020

Consequences of Underpaying CEOs
Jessica West
Audit Committee Effectiveness, Internal Audit Quality, Financial Reporting Quality, and Organizational Success: An Empirical Investigation of Thai Listed Firms
Kornchai Phornlaphatrachakorn
Understanding the Antecedents to Smart Watch User’s Continuance Intention
Rekha I. S. and Sam Timothy P
The Presence of Controlled Family Members on the Board, Board Size, Board Meetings and Audit Quality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Waddah Kamal Hassan Omer, Khaled Salmen Aljaaidi, Abdullah Masood Nasser
The Relation Between Cash Compensation of Banking Executives, Charter Value, Capital Requirements and Risk Taking

Rida Rahim, Tafdil Husni, Yurniwati, Desyetti

Volume 25 Number 3, 2020

The REIT Industry’s First 55 Years: Keys to Longevity
Barbara S. White and Michael T. Howell
Impacts of Free Cash Flow on Firm Performance during Market Contractions
Garrett Lane Cohee, Ronald F. Piccolo, Halil Kiymaz
Leading with Emotions: An Empirical Study of A Tertiary Institution in Ghana
Kwasi Dartey-Baah, Francis Annor, Rexford Kojo Agbozo
Impact of Confucianism on Compensation Structure for Founder CEOs
Byunghoon Jin, Kuangnen Cheng, John C. Cary, Feiqi Huang
The Mediating Role of the Leader-Member Exchange in the Relationship between the Pelz Effect and Job Satisfaction

Oya Korkmaz

Volume 25 Number 2, 2020


The Effects of Corporate Governance and Product Market Competition on Payout Policy under Agency Problems and External Financing Constraints
Lee-Hsien Pan, Mansokku Lee, Hsing-Hua Huang
The Flip Side of Commercial Friendships
Marit Oppen
The Congressional Calendar, Market Performance, and Market Volatility
Kevin Krieger and R. Daniel Pace
Accounting Control System, Accounting Information Quality, Value Creation, and Firm Success: An Empirical Investigation of Auto Parts Businesses in Thailand
Kornchai Phornlaphatrachakorn
Earnings Relevance of Accounting-Guided Fundamental Signals
Sherwood Lane Lambert
The Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurship Orientation on New Product Innovation Performance
Yi-Chuan Liao and Hongyan Zhao

Volume 25 Number 1, 2020

Compensation Peer Groups: A Comparison of ExecuComp and Non-ExecuComp Firms
Yi Jiang and Thanh Nguyen
Going-Concern Decisions and the Global Financial Crisis
Maria F. Rickling, Michael E. Bitter, Jessica West
Defining Social-Economic Systems in Terms of Their Cultural Dimensional Values
Thomas L Bradley and Paul Barron Eberle
Trading Strategies in Currency Markets
Angie Abdel Zaher, Dipasri Ghosh, Dilip K. Ghosh
An Exploratory Factor Analysis of Logistics Capabilities for Manufacturing Industries in Thailand
Waraporn Tungjitjarurn
The Effect of Tangible and Intangible Aspects on Satisfaction of Seaweed Information Center’s End-Users in Indonesia

Wellem Anselmus Teniwut and Tati Atia Ngangun

Volume 24 Number 4, 2019

Innovation Ecosystem for SMEs in the Creative Industry
Yuwono Imanto, Ruslan Prijadi, Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti
A Competency Model for SMEs in the Creative Economy
Atya Nur Aisha, Iman Sudirman, Joko Siswanto, Made Andriani
The Impact of Owners’ Intrinsic Motivation and Work-Life Balance on SMEs’ Performance: The Mediating Effect of Affective Commitment
R. Rani and P.M. Desiana
From Intention to Action in Whistleblowing: Examining Ethical Leadership and Affective Commitment of Accountants in Indonesia
Lia Cintya and Andi Ina Yustina
Synergizing Multi-Sided Platform Firms and Crowds: A Typology of an Open Innovation Mechanism in a Digital Ecosystem

Adhi Setyo Santoso, Ruslan Prijadi, Tengku Ezni Balqiahx

Volume 24 Number 3, 2019

The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Tax Avoidance and Earnings Management: The Moderating Role of Political Connections  
Indriati Siti Pratiwi and Sylvia Veronica Siregar
Understanding Tourists’ Experience Expectation: A Study of Chinese Tourists’ Behavior in Bali
Dila Maghrifani, Ting Li, Juanyi Liu
The Influence of Banking Competition on a Firm’s Cost of and Access to Credit: Evidence from ASEAN-5 Countries
Farah Rahmi Oktaviani, Rofikoh Rokhim, Linggar Ikhsan Nugroho
Internalizing the Harmonized Quality Supervision to Synchronize Technological and Market Insight in Indonesia’s Printing Industry
Ahmad Ikhwan Setiawan, Reza Rahardian, Intan Novela, Datien Eriska Utami, Jasanta Peranginangin
The Moderating Role of Cultural Intelligence on the Effect of Ethnic Harassment Experience on Employees’ Intention to Leave in Indonesia
Tria Haniefa and Asri Laksmi Riani
Does Sustainability Report Moderate the Effect of Financial Performance on Investor Reaction? Evidence of Indonesian Listed Firms.
Dody Hapsoro and Zul Fahmi Husain
Does Ownership Structure Affect Dividend Decisions? Evidence from Indonesia’s Banking Industry
Doddy Setiawan, Y Anni Aryani, Sari Yuniarti, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana

Volume 24 Number 2, 2019

The Usage of Derivatives in Corporate Financial Risk Management and Firm Performance
Kin-Wai Lee
Do Competitors Always Matter in Exit Decisions? A Behavioral Perspective
Ana Elisa Iglesias and William C. Bogner
Has Higher Institutional Participation Led to Lower Insider Ownership and Superior Post-Merger Performance in India?
Pradip Banerjee, Soumen De, Dima Leshchinskii
On the Relation between Leadership and Positive Psychological Capital in the Hospitality Industry
Harun Şeşen, Lütfi Sürücü, Ahmet Maşlakcı
Internal Control Quality, Accounting Information Usefulness, Regulation Compliance, and Decision-Making Success: Evidence from Canned and Processed Foods Businesses in Thailand
Kornchai Phornlaphatrachakorn
An Assessment of Pawnbroker Succession Planning
Geralyn Miller, Hui Di, Steven A. Hanke

Volume 24 Number 1, 2019

Institutional Investors’ Investments in Private Equity: The More the Better?
Daniel R. Cavagnaro and Yingdi Wang
What Happens When Mood Disagrees with Financial News? Investors Underreact to Firm News Conflicting with Mood
Christos Pantzalis and Erdem Ucar
The Mediation Role of Toxic Leadership in the Effect of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction
H. Tezcan Uysal                               
Leadership Behaviors and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Job Involvement
Kwasi Dartey-Baah, Alex Anlesinya,   and Yvonne Lamptey

Retail Trend Imitation: A Controversy Between Firms of Europe and North America

Areti T. Vogel and Kittichai Watchravesringkan

Volume 23 Number 4, 2018

Empirical Evidence of the Rounding Phenomenon in Reported Pro Forma Earnings

Daoping (Steven) He

Understanding Equity REITs Returns: An Investment-Based Approach

Yuming Li

Gaining through Corporate Bankruptcy: Evidence from Competitors

Madhuparna Kolay

Strategic Cost Management and Firm Profitability: An Empirical Investigation of Instant Foods and Convenience Foods Businesses in Thailand

Kornchai Phornlaphatrachakorn

Retirement Planning in Academia

Stuart Michelson and Lisa A. Schwartz

The Impact of Practices in Working Capital Management and Supply Chain Management on Corporate Performance

Fadhel Juma Abbas, Haitham Nobanee, Mehmood Khan, Jose Varas

Volume 23 Number 3, 2018

Macroeconomic Determinants of Credit Growth in OECD Countries
Nayef Al-Shammari and Mohammed El-Sakka
Exploring the Internet Access of Indonesian SME Entrepreneurs
Lia Yuldinawati, Alexander van Deursen, A.G.M. van Dijk
Identify Potential Opportunity for Research Collaboration Using Bibliometrics
Nathasit Gerdsri and Alisa Kongthon
The Effect of Partnership and Innovation Management on Business Performance of A Limestone Mining Company in East Java
Rizki RamadhanYudhya
The Influence of Eco-Preneurship Dimensions towards Students’ New Business at Telkom University in Indonesia
Sisca Eka Fitria and Eka Yuliana
A Core of E-Commerce Customer Experience Based on Conversational Data Using Network Text Methodology

Andry Alamsyah, Nurlisa Laksmiani, Lies Anisa Rahim

Management Commitment and Customer Service Recovery Performance: A Study of Customer Service in a Broadband Operation and Maintenance Service Company in Indonesia

Dadang Rusmana Iriadi and Ade Irma Susanty

Volume 23 Number 2, 2018

Valuing Firms Under Default Risk and Bankruptcy Costs: A WACC-Based Approach

Carlo Mari and Marcella Marra

Exploring the Relationship Between Internationalization Stage, Innovation, and Performance: The Case of Spanish Companies

Joan Freixanet and Iya Churakova

Antecedents of Store Loyalty Among Chinese Customers

Yun Chu, Arturo Z. Vasquez-Parraga, Jianyu Ma

The Impact of Stressors on Organizational Commitment of Managerial and Non-Managerial Personnel in Contrasting Economies: Evidences from Canada and Pakistan

Adnan ul Haque, John Aston, Eugene Kozlovski

The Relation Between Government Onwership and Firm Performance: Evidence from Cross-Country Datasets

Kerry Liu

Rural Household’s Intention to Use Microfinance in Tanzania

Julius Joseph Macha, Yee-Lee Chong, I-Chi Chen

Volume 23 Number 1, 2018

Overtaking the U.S. Economy by China and India: How Sound Are the Expectations?
Dipasri Ghosh, Soumen De, Dilip K. Ghosh
The Relationship between Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Student Performance
Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto, Shimaditya Nuraeni, Aurik Gustomo, Achmad Ghazali
Maximizing Strategic Alliances in the Multi-Sided Platform Firms
Adhi Setyo Santoso and Sari Wahyuni
Creative Business Community Engagement Model within the Quadruple Helix: A Preliminary Report of the Circular Community in Bandung, Indonesia
Sonny Rustiadi, Bayuningrat M. Kusumahdinata, Aditya Rahman, Irfan Arsandid
Designing and Developing Innovators’ Skills in Indonesia through Entrepreneurship Education: A Case Study of KejarAURORA
Puji Prabowo
Analysis of the Business Model of Waste Bank in Indonesia: A Preliminary Study
Wawan Dhewanto, Yuliani Dwi Lestari, Sri Herliana, Nur Lawiyah
Endogenous Specification of FDI and Economic Growth: Cross-Economies’ Evidence

Adil H. Suliman, Mohammad I. Elian, Hamid E. Ali

Volume 22 Number 4, 2017

Fund Flows and Underlying Returns: The Case of ETFs
Arsenio Staer
Competing through Strategic Networks: The Ebbs and Flows of A Dynamic System
Ram Subramanian
On the Dynamic Interaction Between Dividend and Investment Decisions: Evidence from Tunisian Listed Firms
Mondher Kouki
Knowledge Management Practices and Intellectual Capital: A Case from Jordan

Ikhlas Ibrahim Altarawneh and Khalaf Altarawneh

Volume 22 Number 3, 2017

Bank Affiliation in Private Equity Firms: Distortions in Investment Selection
Yingdi Wang
Do Auditors Recognize Managerial Risk-Taking Incentives?
Wei-Chern Koh and Kin-Wai Lee
Value Chain Costing, Competitive Advantage and Firm Success: Evidence from Thai Auto Parts Manufacturing Businesses
Phaprukbaramee Ussahawanitchakit
Customer Satisfaction Index as A Performance Evaluation Metric: A Study on Indian E-Banking Industry

Ragu Prasadh Rajendran and Jayshree Suresh

Volume 22 Number 2, 2017

The U.S. Market Reaction to Regulation of Social Media Disclosures
Amanda Aw Yong, Ching Tung Keung, and Yuen Teen Mak
Consumers' Identification of Corporate Social Responsibility Activity in Taiwan: Does It Matter for Emotional Dimension and Purchase Intention?
Wenchang Fang, Tuan-Hoon Koh, and Chun-Shuo Chen
Short- and Long-run Competition of Retailer Pricing Strategies
Jidong Han, Yingtao Shen, Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc
The Hasthabrata Leadership in Government Institution: A Case Study in Indonesia
Joko Suyono, Eka Afnan Troena, Mintarti Rahayu, and Noermijati
Effect of Social Economic Development on Youth Employment in the Informal and Formal Sectors in Nairobi Kenya

Susan M. Were

Volume 22 Number 1, 2017

Managerial Incentives and Corporate Financing Decisions

Yi Jiang

Does the 2010 SEC Climate Change Disclosure Guidance Change Firms’ Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting?

Ying Guo and David C. Yang

Emotional Intelligence: Does Leadership Style Matter? Employees Perception in Ghana’s Banking Sector
Kwasi Dartey-Baah and Benjamin Mekpor
AFS versus FVTOCI: Twins or Siblings?
Pattanant Petchchedchoo and Orapin Duangploy
A Tale of Browsers and Hunters: Exploration of Diverging Consumer Profiles and Their Characteristics in the Secondhand Marketplace

Myriam Ertz, Fabien Durif, and Manon Arcand

Volume 21 Number 4 Fall 2016

An International Perspective of Volatility Spillover Effect: The Case of REITs
Ehsan Nikbakht, Manuchehr Shahrokhi, Andrew C. Spieler

Market Expansion and R&D Externality Effect

Yi Jiang
Local Institutional Development and Cost of Financial Intermediation: Evidence from Indonesia
Irwan Trinugroho and Jamal Wiwoho
Consumers’ Attitude and Intention to Purchase Organic Goods in Cambodia
Sothea Kouy, Parichard Sangkumchaliang, Satit Aditto
A Five-Factor Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidence from Egypt
Rehab Taha and Khairy Elgiziry

Volume 21 Number 3 Summer 2016

Entrepreneurial Employee Activity in Indonesia 
Maria Widyarini, Gandhi Pawitan, Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi

Business Model Innovation in Different Strategic Networks

Dina Dellyana, Togar M Simatupang, Wawan Dhewanto 
The Role of Creative Courses in Entrepreneurship Education: A Case Study in Indonesia
Dwi Larso and Dona Saphiranti
Employer Branding for Talent Attraction in the Indonesian Mining Industry
Novi Amelia and Reza Ashari Nasution 

Analyzing the Impact of Traffic Source on Visit Duration

Adhi Prasetio, Osa Omar Sharif, Ilham Perdana, Dini Turipanam Alamanda 

The Problem of Exclusive Arrangements in Multiple Dwelling Units: Unlocking Broadband Growth in Indonesia and the Global South

Patrick S. Ryan, Breanna Zwart, Richard Whitt, Marc Goldburg, Vinton G. Cerf
Street Business in Cambodia – Contribution to the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

Nobuo Hirohata and Kazuhiro Fukuyo

Volume 21 Number 2 Spring 2016

The Product and Timing Effects of eWOM in Viral Marketing
Tong Tony Bao and Tung-lung Steven Chang
The Effects of Convergence and Divergence Alliance Portfolio on Firm Performance
Badri Munir Sukoco

Internal Corporate Control and the Dynamics of Post-Acquisition Boards: Evidence of U.S. Life Insurers
Xiaoying Xie, Wanke Cai, Weili Lu, Laura Yue Liu, Aaron Takumi
Incentives, Charitable Donations and the Estate Tax: Clarifications
William Beranek and David R. Kamerschen
Trust Crisis in Islamic Banking: Empirical Evidence Using Structural Equations Modeling

Walid Mansour, Leila Lefi Hajlaoui, Fadul Abdulkarim, Mohammad Nassief

Volume 21 Number 1 Winter 2016

Modeling Transmissions of Volatility Shocks: Application to CDS Spreads during the Euro Area Sovereign Crisis
Makram Bellalah, Mondher  Bellalah, Haifa Boussada
Cinema Industry: Usefulness of the Real Options Approach for Valuation Purpose
Olivier Levyne and David Heller
Real Options: An Alternative Valuation Model for the U.S. REIT Market
Stephane Dubreuille, Mondher Cherif, Mondher Bellalah
Exchange Rate Dynamics and Portfolio Flow Uncertainty
Salah Ben Hamad and Sahar Charfi
The Board of Directors and Executive Compensation in the Context of Crisis: A Comparative Study Between the United States and France
Mehdi Bouras and Mohamed Imen Gallali
The Efficiency of the GIPS Sovereign Debt Markets during Crisis

Bachar Fakhry, Omar Masood, and Mondher Bellalah

Volume 20 Number 4 Fall 2015

The Impact of Financial Risk on Business Risk
George Li, Ping Hsiao, and Donglin Li
Work-family Conflict, Demographic Characteristics and Job Satisfaction among Ghanaian Corporate Leaders
Kwasi Dartey-Baah
The Pressure to Perform: Option Compensation and Forced CEO Turnover
Atreya Chakraborty and Shahbaz Sheikh
Determinants of Backwardation in Oil Futures
Iman Adeinat and Naseem Al-Rahahleh
Solar Power Generation and Risk Transfer Systems
Mahito Okura
Stock Valuations on Earnings versus Cash Flow

K. C. Ma, R. Daniel Pace, and Jud Stryker

Volume 20 Number 3 Summer 2015

Nejatullah Siddiqi and Abdullah Q. Turkistani
Islamic Economics Rules and the Stock Market: Evidence from the United States
Amir Kia
The Determinants of Social Accountability Disclosure: Evidence from Islamic Banks around the World
Sherif El-Halaby and Khaled Hussainey
Modelling “Bai Al Arboun Using Binomial Model
Siham Omrana, Rajae Aboulaich, and Ali Alami Idrissi
The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission Channels in the Presence of Islamic Banks: The Case of Saudi Arabia
Amine Ben Amar, Néjib Hachicha, and Ridha Saadallah
Risk Management Practiced Tools in the MENA Region: A Comparative Study between Islamic and Conventional Banks

Rim Ben Selma Mokni, Abdelghani Echchabi, and Mohamed Taher Rajhi

Volume 20 Number 2 Spring 2015

The Risk of Holding Periods across International Stock Exchanges
A.Z. Nowak, T. Winkler-Drews, Yochanan Shachmurove
Portfolio Credit Risk Models and Name Concentration Issues: Theory and Simulations
Mondher Bellalah, Mohamed Zouari, Amel Sahli, Hela Miniaoui
Competition among Financial Institutions and Startup Company Exit
Yuta Ogane
Yes, CAPM Is Dead
Tsong-Yue Lai and Mark Hoven Stohs
Interrelatedness, Interdependencies, and Domain Learning in Alliance Portfolios

Badri Munir Sukoco

Volume 20 Number 1 Winter 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Worm? The Stock Returns and Operating Performance of Quick SEOs
Yi Jiang, Mark Stohs, Xiaoying Xie
On the Estimation of Extreme Values for Risk Assessment and Management: The ACER Method
Kai Erik Dahlen, Per Bjarte Solibakke, Sjur Westgaard, Arvid Næss
Mutual Fund Performance: Luck or Skill?
Ajay Bhootra, Zvi Drezner, Christopher Schwarz, Mark Hoven Stohs
Stock Market Behavior: A Fractal Analysis of Saudi Stock Exchange
Dhari Al Abdulhadi, Shekar Shetty, Mansour Alshamali
Financial Distress around Introduction of Hedging in the Oil and Gas Industry

Zahid Iqbal

Volume 19 Number 4 Fall 2014

Observations on the Segmentation of Earthquake Insurance in Japan
Mahito Okura, Hiroyuki Nozaki, Kenta Iwase
Trade Size and the Cross Section of Stock Returns: Informed versus Noise Traders in the Chinese Growth Enterprise Market
Zhaohui Zhang and Tung-lung Steven Chang
Is the Growth Potential of Stock Prices Underestimated? A Real Option Approach
Olivier Levyne and David Heller
An Empirical Analysis of Cost Efficiencies in the Indian Banking Industry
D.K. Malhotra, Raymond Poteau, Ashok Malhotra
Turning Economic Inefficiencies Business Value: Lessons from the New Collaborative Technology

George Dikos

Volume 19 Number 3 Summer 2014

Compensation Committee and Executive Compensation in Asia
Kin-Wai Lee
Role of Accountants and Fair Value Accounting Leading Towards the Global Financial Crisis
Omar Masood and Mondher Bellalah
Volatility Spillovers across Major Equity Markets of Americas
Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath, Kambiz Raffiee
Did the Economic and Financial Crises Affect Stock Market Sensitivity to Macroeconomic Risk Factors? Evidence from Nigeria and South Africa
Alvan E. Ikoku and Chukwunonso T. Okany
Does An Emerging Equity Market Stimulate Long-Term Economic Growth? Evidence from Jordan

Mohammad I. Elian and Adil H. Suliman

Volume 19 Number 2 Spring 2014

A Time-Series Postmortem on Eurozone Financial Integration and the Debt Crisis: Modeling and Policy Implications

Gary L. Shoesmith

The Impact of Entrepreneurs’ Personal Wealth Allocations in Determining Their Firms’ Capital Structures

Tianning Li

Sustainable Leadership at Thai President Foods

Sooksan Kantabutra

Audit Committee Characteristics and Repeatedly Meeting-Beating Analyst Forecasts

Maria Rickling

Employee Engagement and Organizational Commitment: Evidence from Jordan

Ali Abbaas Albdour and Ikhlas I. Altarawneh

Volume 19 Number 1 Winter 2014

National Differences in Decision Making

Paul C. Nutt

Talent Management and Teamwork Interaction: Evidence in Large Spanish Companies

Salvador Vivas-López

An Efficiency Comparison of Chinese Banks: A Multidimensional Analysis

Jennifer Foo and Dorota Witkowska

Scientific Stochastic Volatility Models for the European Carbon Markets: Forecasting and Extracting Conditional Moments

Per Bjarte Solibakke

Case Studies of Corporate Misgovernance: A New Approach to Financial Statement Analysis

M. R. Kumara Swamy

Volume 18 Number 4 Fall 2013

The Japanese Economic and Financial Situation: Where Should We Go and What Changes Are Needed?

Yutaka Kurihara

Japanese Monetary Policy: Experience from the Lost Decades

Wataru Takahashi

Adjustment Costs in the Japanese Banking Sector

Kazuyuki Inagaki

Liquidity in Japanese Government Bond Futures Market

Takeo Minaki

On Household Insurance Demand and Loss Control: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake

YingYing Jiang, Yoshihiro Asai, Souichiro Moridaira

Public Debt and Inflation Dynamics in a Sticky Price Model

Daisuke Ida

The Impact of Stock Price and Interest Rate on the REIT Market in Japan

Takayasu Ito

Volume 18 Number 3 Summer 2013

Empire-Building Incentives and the Effectiveness of Accrual Investment

Donglin Li

An Empirical Comparison of Three Auction Strategies for Multiple Products

Yingtao Shen

Valuation of Early Stage High-tech Start-up Companies

Gunter Festel, Martin Wuermseher, Giacomo Cattaneo

Foreign Ownership and Financial Performance: Evidence from Egypt

Islam Azzam, Jasmin Fouad, Dilip K. Ghosh

Foreign Direct Investments in Jordan

Diana Abu Ghunmi, Bashar Al-Zu’bi, Sina Badreddine, Shahid Chaudhry

The Effect of the Quality of Rumors on Market Yields

Uriel Spiegel, Tchai Tavor, Joseph Templeman

Volume 18 Number 2 Spring 2013

Different Capital Investment Measures and Their Associations with Future Stock Returns

Ping Hsiao and Donglin Li

Repeatedly Meeting-Beating Analyst Forecasts and Audit Fees

Maria Rickling, Dasaratha V. Rama, K. Raghunandan

Is There A Place for A Shariah-Compliant Index on the Paris Stock Market?

Jonathan Peillex and Loredana Ureche-Rangau

Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Firm Performance in Turkey: Empirical Evidence from VAR-type of Models

Oguzhan Ozcelebi

Entrepreneurial Motives and Perceived Problems: An Empirical Study of Entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan

Nergis Aziz, Barry A. Friedman, Aichurek Bopieva, Ibrahim Keles

Volume 18 Number 1 Winter 2013

Convertible Bond Issuance, Risk, and Firm Financial Policy: A New Approach

Jinlin Liu and Lorne N. Switzer

Evaluation of Growing Business: Which Method, What Risks?

Jean-Sebastien Lantz, Lubica Hikkerova, Mehdi Mili, Jean-Michel Sahut

Ontological Levels in the Knowledge Management Field

Marta Peris-Ortiz, Salvador Vivas-López, Carlos Rueda-Armengot

Implementing a Value Creation Model in a Startup

Guillaume Marceau

Investor Skepticism and Creative Accounting: The Case of a French SME Listed on Alternext

Frédéric Demerens, Jean-Louis Paré, Jean Redis

Evaluation Cost of Venture Capital for Investors and Entrepreneurs in the French Market

Khalfallah Moez and Jean Michel Sahut

Volume 17 Number 4 Summer 2012

Risk management and Organizational Communication: Two Cases in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Guillaume Marceau

Spanish Banks and the Housing Crisis: Worse than the Subprime Crisis?

Antoine Gentier

Are Dominos a Good Metaphor for Systemic Risk in Banking?

Mathieu Bédard

Systemic Analysis and Model of Sustainable Tourism

Sandra Camus, Lubica Hikkerova, and Jean-Michel Sahut

The Relative Performance of Small Cap Firms and Default Risk across the Business Cycle: International Evidence

Lorne N. Switzer

Dynamic Investment Decision: Financial Modeling with Real Options vs. NPV

Jean-Sebastien Lantz, Medhi Mili, and Jean-Michel Sahut

Volume 17 Number 3 Summer 2012

An Essay in Favor of Dynamic Partial Control of the Economy

Yochanan Shachmurove and Reuel Shinnar

The Dark Sides of Institutionalized Informal Connections: Evidence from the Japanese Banking Sector in the Post-bubble Crisis Era

Norifumi Kawai and Jong-Hwan Ko

The Impact of Related Party Sales by Listed Chinese Firms on Earnings Informativeness and Earnings Forecasts

Jiwei Wang and Hongqi Yuan

Factors Affecting the Adoption of IFRS.

Kim M. Shima and David C. Yang

The Long-Run Operating Performance of Canadian Convertible Debt Issuers: Trends and Explanatory Factors

Khalid El Badraoui and Jean-Jacques Lilti

Volume 17 Number 2 Spring 2012

An Analysis of Managers’ Use of Management Accounting

Walid Cheffi and Adel Beldi

Ownership Structure, Voluntary R&D Disclosure and Market Value of Firms: The French Case

Mehdi Nekhili, Sabri Boubaker, Faten Lakhal

Corporate Investment Choice and Exchange Option between Production Functions

Olfa Bouasker and Jean-Luc Prigent

What Relation Exists between Corporate Social Responsibility and Longevity of Firms?

Jean-Michel Sahut , Sandrine Boulerne, Medhi Mili, Frédéric Teulon

A Few Insights into Cliquet Options

Tristan Guillaume

Optimal International Diversification with Constraints

Maroua Mhiri and Jean-Luc Prigent

Does Co-integration and Causal Relationship Exist between the Non-stationary Variables for Chinese Bank’s Profitability? An Empirical Evidence

Omar Masood, Priya Darshini Pun Thapa, Mondher Bellalah, Olivier Levyne, Frederic Teulon, Rabeb Triki

Relevance of Fair Value Accounting for Financial Instruments: Some French Evidence

Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Mondher Bellalah, Nessrine Ben Hamida, and Duc Khuong Nguyen

Volume 17 Number 1 Winter 2012

The Effects of Option Incentives on Backdating and Earnings Management

Hatice Uzun and Yudan Zheng

Optimal Portfolio of Corporate Investment and Consumption under Market Closure

Detao Zhang and Tian Zhang

Macroeconomic vs. Statistical APT Approach in the Athens Stock Exchange

Theodoros Spyridis, Zeljko Sevic and Nikolaos Theriou

Credit Gap in Small Businesses: Some New Evidence

Atreya Chakraborty and Rajiv Mallick

Did the Securitization Contribute to the Release of the Subprime Crisis? Empirical Investigation of American Banks

Ons El Gaied, Chaker Aloui, Ousama Ben Salha, and Duc Khuong Nguyen

Characterizing South-East Asian Stock Market Integration through Time

Khaled Guesmi

Volume 16 Number 4 Fall 2011

Entrepreneurial Beliefs and Intentions: A Cross-Cultural Study of University Students in Seven Countries

Yvon Gasse and Maripier Tremblay

The Influence of Organizational Capital on the Conception of the Enterprise Project

Jean-Louis Paré, Jean Rédis, Lubica Hikkerova

What is the Performance of Incubators? The Point of View of Coached Entrepreneurs

Jacques Arlotto, Jean-Michel Sahut, Frédéric Teulon

You Said Successful? Actual and Perceived Performance of Venture Capital in France

Karim Medjad, Etienne Krieger, Violetta Gerasymenko, Romain Grandsart, Frédéric Iselin

What is the Real Role of Corporate Venture Capital?

Jean-Sébastien Lantz, Jean-Michel Sahut, Frédéric Teulon

Volume 16 Number 3 Summer 2011

Kappa Performance Measures with Johnson Distributions

Naceur Naguez and Jean-Luc Prigent

CPPI Method with a Conditional Floor

Hachmi Ben Ameur and Jean-Luc Prigent

The Impact of Qualitative Factors on Ethical Judgments of Materiality: An Experimental Study with Auditors

Riadh Manita, Hassan Lahbari, and Najoua Elommal

Sensitivity Analysis of Domestic Credit to Private Sector in Pakistan: A Variable Replacement Approach Applied with Con-integration

Omar Masood, Shazaib Butt, Syed Alamdar Ali, Mondher Bellalah, Frederic Teulon, Olivier Levyne

Financial Crisis and Economic Downturn

Georges Pariente, Bora Aktan, and Omar Masood

Measuring Immaterial Capital for Organizations Using Multicriteria Reference Point Model

Imène Brigui-Chtioui and Inès Saad

EMU: The Sustainability Issue

Frederic Teulon

Hard and Soft Controls: Mind the Gap!

Tawhid Chtioui and Stéphanie Thiéry-Dubuisson

Volume 16 Number 2 Spring 2011

ERP Diffusion and Mimetic Behaviors

Erick Leroux, Pierre-Charles Pupion, Jean-Michel Sahut

Management Quality and Operating Performance: Evidence for Canadian IPOs

Lorne N. Switzer and Jean-François Bourdon

The Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs: An Application in the Hospitality Industry

Lubica Hikkerova

How Well Does Venture Capital Perform in France?

Jean-Michel Sahut and Anis Mnejja

Gender’s Perspective of Role Model Influence on Entrepreneurial Behavioral Beliefs

Jean-Pierre Boissin, Bénédicte Branchet, Servane Delanoë, and Veronica Velo

Volume 16 Number 1 Winter 2011

Optimal Pricing with Asymmetric Demands of Senders and Receivers

Uriel Spiegel, Tchai Tavor, Joseph Templema

Advancement to the Real Option Models in Valuing R&D

Yu-Wen Lan

The Magnetic Attraction of Price Limits

Eskandar A. Tooma

Search Activities for Innovation: An Attention-Based View

Chuan-Chuan Tseng, Shih-Chieh Fang, Yen-Ting Helena Chiu

Are Multinational Corporations Problem-Solvers or Problem-Makers in Developing Countries? Focus on Technology Gap and Arbitrage

M. R. Kumara Swamy

Further Evidence on the Responses of Stock Prices in GCC Countries to Oil Price Shocks

Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Mondher Bellalah, Duc Khuong Nguyen

Volume 15 Number 4 Fall 2010

Economic Crises: Past, Present and Future

Yochanan Shachmurove

Lending Competition and Relationship Banking: Evidence from Japan

Yoshiaki Ogura and Nobuyoshi Yamori

Green Investing: Is it Different from Socially Responsible Investing?

James E. Mallett and Stuart Michelson

Has Inflation Targeting Been Effective?

Yutaka Kurihara

The Long-Run Relationship between Stock Indices and Economic Factors in the ASE: An Empirical Study between 1989 and 2006

Theodoros Spyridis, Zeljko Sevic and Nikolaos Theriou

The Impact of Institutional Ownership and Dividend Policy on Stock Returns and Volatility: Evidence from Egypt

Islam Azzam

Leverage and Asset Allocation under Capital Market Distortion

Dilip K. Ghosh, Arun J. Prakash and Dipasri Ghosh

Volume 15 Number 3 Summer 2010

Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance Effectiveness under Transaction Costs
Farid Mkaouar
and Jean-Luc Prigent

Interdependence between Exchange Rates: Evidence from Multivariate Fractional Cointegration

Heni Boubaker and Lotfi Belkacem

Regulatory Practices and the Impossibility to Extract Truthful Risk Information

Patrick L. Leoni

The Origin of Stock-Market Crashes: Proposal for A Mimetic Model Using Behavioral Assomptions and An Analysis of Legal Mimicry

Larry Bensimhon and Aldo Lévy

Stock Market Integration in the EURO Area: Segmentation or Linear Modelling Misspecification?

Fredj Jawadi, Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Duc Khuong Nguyen

Flaws in Banking Governance

Jean-Michel Sahut and Sandrine Boulerne

Liquidity Risk, Firm Risk, and Issue Risk Premium Effects on the Abnormal Returns to New Issues of Convertible Bonds

Jinlin Liu and Lorne N. Switzer

Non-Performing Loans and Credit Managers’ Role: A Comparative Approach from Pakistan and Turkey

Omar Masood, Monhder Bellalah, and Walid Mansour

Volume 15 Number 2 Spring 2010

Major U.S. States as Centers of Venture Backed Entrepreneurial Activities

Yochanan Shachmurove

The Effects of Economic Convergence on the Formulation of Marketing Strategy: An Analysis of the European Automobile Industry

Jae Hoon Hyun

An Empirical Test of Thompson’s Model of Strategic Choice

Paul C. Nutt

Foreign Currency Derivatives Use, Firm Value and the Effect of the Exposure Profile: Evidence from France

Ephraim Clark and Salma Mefteh

Corporate Default Analysis in Tunisia Using Credit Scoring Techniques

Loredana Ureche-Rangau and Nadia Ouertani

Activism of Institutional Investors, Corporate Governance Alerts and Financial Performance

Jean-Sebastien Lantz, Sophie Montandrau and Jean-Michel Sahut

Volume 15 Number 1 Winter 2010

Dynamic versus Static Optimization of Hedge Fund Portfolios: The Relevance of Performance Measures
Rania Hentati, Ameur Kaffel, and Jean-Luc Prigent

Nonlinear Linkages between Oil and Stock Markets in Developed and Emerging Countries

Fredj Jawadi, Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, and Mondher Bellalah

Institutional Investors’ Typology and Firm Performance: The Case of French Firms

Jean-Michel Sahut and Hidaya Othmani Gharbi

A Discussion of Financial Regulations’ Impact on the Subprime Crisis: Implications for Financial Markets

Omar Masood, Bora Aktan, and Georges Pariente

The Statistics of the Information Ratio

Philippe Bertrand and Costin Protopopescu

The Quality of Audit Process: An Empirical Study with Audit Committees

Riadh Manita and Najoua Elommal

Does the Choice of the Method for Combining Listed Companies Have an Impact on Their Valuation?

Olivier Levyne and Jean-Jacques Levy

Cointegration of Baltic Stock Markets in the Financial Tsunami: Empirical Evidence

Omar Masood, Mondher Bellalah, Sahil Chaudhary, Walid Mansour, and Frederic Teulon

Volume 14 Number 4 Fall 2009

The Development of Entrepreneurial Finance Research

Jean-Louis Paré, Jean Rédis and Jean-Michel Sahut

The Impact of Business Model Characteristics on IT Firms’ Performance

Jean Rédis

International Comparison of Entrepreneurial Sub-Cultures within Cultures: Effect of Territory on Entrepreneurial Strategies for Fundraising

Katariina Rantanen and Michel Bernasconi

Active Financial Intermediation and Market Efficiency: The Case of Fast-Growing Firms Financed by Venture Capitalists

Jean-Sebastien Lantz and Jean-Michel Sahut

The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Performance of U.S. Small-Cap Firms

Lorne N. Switzer and Mingjun Tang

Volume 14 Number 3 Summer 2009

Measuring Fund Performance Using Multi-Factor Models: Evidence for the Portuguese Market

Paulo Leite, Maria Ceu Cortez, and Manuel Rocha Armad

Eurocurrency Risk Premia

Wendy Liu Galpin, Bruce G. Resnick, and Gary L. Shoesmith

The SLEPT Aspects of the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Jaime Ortiz and María Tajes

Abnormal Returns to Mergers and Acquisitions in Ten Asian Stock Markets

Jianyu Ma, José A. Pagán, and Yun Chu

A Comparison of Management Style for Mexican Firms in Mexico and the United States

Mónica Blanco Jiménez, Martha A. Fasci, and Jude Valdez

The Effects of Audit Quality on Loan Interest Rates for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Taiwan

Hsuehchang Tsai and Mingshu, Hua

Volume 14 Number 2 Spring 2009

Relations between Corporate Credit Spreads, Treasury Yields and the Equity Market

Anthony Miloudi and Franck Moraux

Impact of European and American Business Cycle News on Euronext Trading

Stéphane Dubreuille and Huu Minh Mai

Portfolio Valuation in the Presence of Market Frictions

Makram Bellalah, Mondher Bellalah, Georges Pariente,  Tawhid Chtioui, Anis Khayati

Understanding the Impact of ERP Standardization on Business Process Performance

Tawhid Chtioui

An Empirical Examination of International Diversification Benefits in Central European Emerging Equity Markets

Kais Fadhlaoui, Makram Bellalah, Armand Dherry, Mhamed Zouaouii

Volume 14 Number 1 Winter 2009

Economics of Deals and Optimal Pricing Policy

Uriel Spiegel and Joseph Templeman

Relative Performance of Equity Markets: An Assessment in the Conventional and Downside Frameworks

Carla Bainbridge and Don U.A. Galagedera

An Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model under Incomplete Information

Mondher Bellalah and Zhen Wu

Study on Taiwan Consumers’ Cost of Living: An Application of the Additive Törnqvist Price Index Formula

Pang-Tien Lieu, Jui-Hui Chen, and Chih-jung Chang

Differentiation Strategy, Performance Measurement Systems and Organizational Performance: Evidence from Australia

X. Sarah Yang Spencer, Therese A. Joiner, and Suzanne Salmon

Volume 13 Number 4 Fall 2008

How to Price Efficiently European Options in Some Geometric Lévy Processes Models?

François Quittard-Pinon and Rivo Randrianarivony

Firm’s Value under Investment Irreversibility, Stochastic Demand and General Production Function
Olfa Bouasker
  and Jean-Luc Prigent

An Empirical Examination of International Diversification Benefits in Central European Emerging Equity Markets

Kais Fadhlaoui, Makram Bellalah, Armand Dherry, and Mhamed Zouaouil

The Sensitivity of the Asymptotic Variance of Performance Measures with Respect to Skewness and Kurtosis

Philippe Bertrand and Costin Protopopescu

Internet Payment and Banks

Jean-Michel Sahut

Merton H. Miller: Our Socrates

Jamel E. Chichti,  Mondher Bellalah, and Walid Mansour

Volume 13 Number 3 Summer 2008

Weaknesses of the Indicator Variable Approach in Short-term Event Studies

Ronald Bremer and Zhaohui Zhang

A Comparative Analysis of Transplants and Industrial Location of Japanese and Korean Automotive Industries in Europe

Jae Hoon Hyun

Emerging Market Equity Prices and Chaos:  Evidence from Indonesia and Malaysia

Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath, Ravindra Kamath, and Kambiz Raffiee

The Comparative Performance of African Stock Markets: Nominal, Real and U.S. Dollar Returns

Alvan E. Ikoku and Ahmad Hosseini

The Effectiveness of International Financial Reporting Standards Adoption on Cost of Equity Capital: A Vector Error Correction Model

Mohammad Salam Al-Shiab

Volume 13 Number 2 Spring 2008

Dynamic Linkages among Asian Pacific Exchange Rates 1995 – 2004

    Tomer Shachmurove and Yochanan Shachmurove

EMU Convergence Prospects and Transition Countries

    Jennifer Foo and Dorota Witkowska

The Relationship between Trade Credit and Loans: Evidence from Small Businesses in Japan

    Iichiro Uesugi and Guy M. Yamashiro

The Investment Value of the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Stock Screen

    Wendy D. Habegger and R. Daniel Pace

Factors Influencing Corporate Dividend Decision: Evidence from Jordanian Panel Data

    Husam-Aldin Nizar Al-Malkawi

Volume 13 Number 1 Winter 2008

Evaluation of Real Options with Information Costs

    Inass El Farissi, Jean-Michel Sahut, and Mondher Bellalah

Interactions between Exchange Traded Derivatives and OTC Derivatives: Evidence for the Canadian Dollar Futures vs. OTC Markets

    Lorne N. Switzer and Haibo Fan

The Value Effects of Foreign Currency and Interest Rate Hedging: The UK Evidence

    Yacine Belghitar, Ephraim Clark, and Amrit Judge

Exchange Rate and Risk Premium Conversion on Interest Rate Markets

    Jean-Michel Sahut and Medhi Mili

Changes in Block Ownership in the London Stock Exchange

   Aslihan Bozcuk and Meziane Lasfer

Volume 12 Number 4 Fall 2007

Is There a Link Between Quote Competition and Order Flows?

    Hung Neng Lai

A Test of CAPM on the Karachi Stock Exchange

    Javed Iqbal and Robert Brooks

Identifying Vision Realization Factors in Apparel Stores: Empirical Evidence from Australia

    Sooksan Kantabutra

Does the Egyptian Stock Exchange Still Have a Day-End Effect?

    Eskandar A. Tooma

Cost Efficiency, Technological Progress and Productivity Growth of Banks in GCC Countries

    Rima Turk Ariss, Rasoul Rezvanian and Seyed M. Mehdian

Efficiency of the Federal Reserve under Globalization and Presence of Electronic Transactions

    Dipasri Ghosh and Krishnan Dandapani

Volume 12 Number 3 Summer 2007

An Approximate Solution for Perpetual American Option with Time to Build: The Value of Environmental Remediation Investment Projects

    R.D. Espinoza and L.X. Luccioni

Information Asymmetry in the French Market around Crises

    Mondher Bellalah

IPO Pricing and executive Compensation

    Ehsan Nikbakht, Manuchehr Shahrokhi, Robert Martin, Jr.

Do Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures Create Shareholder Value for Chinese Partners?

    Pierre-Xavier Meschi and Louis T.W. Cheng

Volatility Spillover between Stock and Foreign Exchange Markets: Indian Evidence

    Alok Kumar Mishra, Niranjan Swain, and D.K. Malhotra

Determinants of the Pricing of Privatization IPOs in the UK and Australia

    Jo-Ann Suchard and Manohar Singh

Global Stocks and Contemporaneous Market Risk

    Leyuan You, Chun-Hao Chang, Ali M. Parhizgari, and Arun J. Prakash

A General Formula for the WACC: A Comment

    Pablo Fernandez

A General Formula for the WACC: A Reply

    André Farber, Roland Gillet, and Ariane Szafarz

Volume 12 Number 2 Spring 2007

Real Options with Information Costs: A Synthesis

    Mondher Bellalah and Georges Pariente

Real Options Value by Monte Carlo Simulation and Fuzzy Numbers

    Juan G. Lazo Lazo, Marley Maria B. R. Vellasco, Marco Aurélio C. Pacheco, and Marco Antonio G. Dias

Real Option: Valuation of the Option to Invest Including Corporate tax and Information Costs

    Olivier Levyne

Market Valuation of Technology Stocks Before and After the Crash

    Ephraim Clark, Amel Zenaidi, and Sélima Baccar

Are Exit Decisions Capital Replacement Decisions? Evidence from the Tanker Industry

    George N. Dikos

Evaluation of International Joint Venture Agreements: Real Options in Practice

    Carmen Juan,  Fernando Olmos, and Rahim Ashkeboussi

Real Options Valuation within Information Uncertainty: Some Extensions and New Results

    Mondher Bellalah, A. Bouri, and O. Levyne

Volume 12 Number 1 Winter 2007

A Special Issue on "Taking Business Seriously"

Taking Business Seriously: Introduction to Special Issue

    Richard H. Franke

Advances and Challenges in Strategic Management

    John H. Grant

Executive and Strategic Leadership

    Bernard M. Bass

Capital Investment versus Utilization in Business Performance and Economic Growth

    Richard H. Franke and John A. Miller

Legal and Logical Limitations in Applying Social Science to Business

    Gerald V. Barrett

Competitor-oriented Objectives: The Myth of Market Share

    J. Scott Armstrong and Kesten C. Green

General Electric Performance over a Half Century: Evaluation of Effects of Leadership and Other Strategic Factors by Quantitative Case Analysis

    Richard H. Franke, Anthony J. Mento, Steve M. Prumo, and Timothy Edlund

Brief Comments on “Taking Business Seriously”

    Walter J. Reinhart

Volume 11 Number 4 Fall 2006

Describing the Nordic Forward Electric-Power Market: A Stochastic Model Approach

    P. B. Solibakke

Calendar Corrected Chaotic Forecast of Financial Time Series

    Alexandros Leontitsis and Costas Siriopoulos

The Relationship between Exchange Rate and Stock Prices during the Quantitative Easing Policy in Japan

    Yutaka Kurihara

How Much Does Industry Matter in Taiwan?

    Pang-Tien Lieu and Ching-Wen Chi

Structural Break in the Egyptian Stock Market: A Logistic Regression Analysis

    Mohammed Omran

Flexibility and Performance of MNEs: Evidence from Taiwan

    Hsien-Chang Kuo, Yang Li, Lie-Huey Wang, and Chia-Yu Ding

Volume 11 Number 3 Summer 2006

A Special Issue on "The Contemporary Chinese Economy"

The Aims and Purposes of the China Papers

    Laurence R. Klein and Yochanan Shachmurove

China in the World Economy: 1300-2030

     Angus Maddison

Stagnation and Growth in China over the Millennium: A Comment on Angus Maddison’s “China in the World Economy, 1300-2030”

     Dwight H. Perkins

Corruption and China’s Economic Reform in the Early 21st Century

     Gregory C. Chow

The Sustainability of China’s Economic Performance at the Turn of the Century

     Lawrence R. Klein

Dynamic Linkages among the Stock Exchanges of the Emerging Tigers of the Twenty First Century

     Yochanan Shachmurove

Volume 11 Number 2 Spring 2006

Estimation of Transaction Costs on the Tunisian Stock Exchange: An Empirical Research via A Tobit Model with Frictions

     Mondher Bellalah, Adel Boubaker, and Saber Sebai

Sensitivity of Interest Rate Caps to the Elasticity of Forward Rate Volatility

     Jean-Michel Sahut and Mehdi Mili

How to Calculate An Internal Rating? Synthesis and Proposition for A Contingent Approach Using A Monte Carlo Simulation and A Rate Stochastic Model Following Poisson’s Law

     Pascal Damel

Flexible-Rate Mortgages

     Andrea Roncoroni and Alessandro Moro

The Treatment of Credit Risk in the Basel Accord and Financial Stability

     Marie-Florence Lamy

Optimal Portfolios with Guarantee at Maturity: Computation and Comparison

     Jean-Luc Prigent and Fabrice Tahar

The Dynamics of Portfolio Management: Exchange Rate Effects and Multisector Allocation

     Jean-Pierre Berdot, Daniel Goyeau, and Jacques Léonard

A General Formula for the WACC

     André Farber, Roland Gillet, and Ariane Szafarz

The Effect of Asymmetric Information and Transaction Costs on Asset Pricing: Theory and Tests

     Makram Bellalah and Sofiane Aboura

Volume 11 Number 1 Winter 2006

A Special Issue on "The Contemporary Japanese Economy and Financial markets"


Special Issue on Contemporary Japanese Economy and Financial Markets

    Nobuyoshi Yamori and Toshiki Jinushi

Do Japanese Banks Change Their Lending Behavior to Dull Industries? A Comparison with the Bubble Period

    Kazumine Kondo

The Changing Structure of Cost for Japanese Securities Firms

    Kozo Harimaya and Eiji Okuyama

Does the Japanese Closed-End Fund Puzzle Exist? An Empirical Study of the Efficiency of the Financial Market in Japan

    Kenya Fujiwara

Recent Fundamental Reform of Public Financial System in Japan: Background and Remaining Problems

    Narunto Nishigaki

Trading Company Finance in Japan

    Iichiro Uesugi and Guy M. Yamashiro

Recent Japanese Monetary Policy: An Evaluation of the Quantitative Easing

    Yutaka Kurihara

Volume 10 Number 4 Fall 2005

Business Applications of Emulative Neural Networks

    Yochanan Shachmurove

A Stock Market Reaction Following Convertible Bond Issuance: Evidence from Japan

    Wei Cheng, Nuttawat Visaltanachoti, and Puspakaran Kesayan

The Persistence of European Bond Fund Performance: Does Conditioning Information Matter?

    Florinda Silva, Maria Ceu Cortez, and Manuel Rocha Armada

Should Global Rules Have Legal Teeth? Policing (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) vs. Good Citizenship (UN Global Compact)

    Tagi Sagafi-nejad

An Analysis of the Short- and Long-Run Relationships Between South Asian and Developed Equity Markets

    Asjeet S. Lamba

An Empirical Study of Net Assets Disclosure: Inflation Accounting Revisited

    David C. Yang, Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Caixing Liu, and Kim Shima

Implications of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) for Trinidad and Tobago’s Financial Policy

    Dennis J. Gayle and Roger Hosein

Volume 10 Number 3 Summer 2005

Long-Range Dependence in Daily Volatility on Tunisian Stock Market

    Mondher Bellalah, Chaker Aloui, Ezzeddine Abaoub

The Return in Hedge-Fund Strategies

    Adel A. Al-Sharkas

Portfolio Management with Safety Criteria in Complete Financial Markets

    Jean-Luc Prigent and Salwa Toumi

R&D Investment and the Financial Performance of Technological Firms

    Jean-Sébastien Lantz and Jean-Michel Sahut

Business Angels: The Smartest Money for Starters? Plea for A Renewed Policy Focus on Business Angels

    Rudy Aernoudt

Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: Fractional Cointegration Approach

    Lotfi Belkacem, Zahra El Meddeb, and Heni Boubaker

Volume 10 Number 2 Spring 2005

Dynamic Linkages Among the Emerging Middle Eastern and the United States Stock Markets

    Yochanan Shachmurove

On Portfolio Analysis, Market Equilibrium and Corporation Finance with Incomplete Information

    Mondher Bellalah and Charles Bouy

Regulatory Changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Brian Boscaljon

The Impacts of Political Events on Foreign Institutional Investors and Stock Returns: Emerging Market Evidence from Taiwan

    Dar-Hsin Chen, Feng-Shun Bin, and Chun-Da Chen

Volume 10 Number 1 Winter 2005

Pricing in the New Economy: Lessons from the Period of the E-Commerce Bubble

    Phillip J. Bryson

Volume, Volatility and Periodic Closure with Information Uncertainty

    Mondher Bellalah and Armand Derhy

The Conflict Between Agency Theory and Corporate Control on Managerial Ownership: The Evidence from Taiwan IPO Performance

    Anlin Chen and Lanfeng Kao

Measuring Transparency of Corporate Transitional Performance in Egypt: A Quantitative Approach

    Tarek Ibrahim Eldomiaty

Global Diversification: Developed and Emerging Economies

    Chandra Shekhar Bhatnagar and Dipasri Ghosh

Volume 9 Number 4 Fall 2004

Global Manufacturing Network and Supply Chain Management for the Electronics Industry

    Chen-Fu Chien and Yongjiang Shi

Transition from Imitation to Innovation: Lessons from a Korean Multinational Corporation

    Woojae Kim, Yongjiang Shi,  and Mike Gregory

Using DEA to Evaluate R&D Performance of the Computers and Peripherals Firms in Taiwan

    Chin-Tai Chen, Chen-Fu Chien, Ming-Han Lin, and Jung-Te Wang

Solution Methodology for Synchronizing Assembly Manufacturing and Air Transportation of Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

    Kunpeng Li, Appa Iyer Sivakumar, M. Mathirajan, and Viswanath Kumar Ganesan

CASH: A New SPC Scheme Based on Cluster Analysis in Excess Variety

    Bin Nie and Er Shi Qi

Measuring Government’s Industry Development Strategy Using Balanced Scorecards and Resource-based Theory - A Case Study of Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry

    Day-Yang Liu and Lon-Fon Shieh

Volume 9 Number 3 Summer 2004

An Introduction to the Special Issues on Financial Markets of the Middle East

   Yochanan Shachmurove

The Determinants of the Cost of Capital by Industry within an Emerging Economy:  Evidence from Egypt

    Mohammed Omran and John Pointon

The Performance of Banks in Post-war Lebanon

    David Peters, Elias Raad, and Joseph F. Sinkey, Jr.

Dividend Policy Behavior in the Jordanian Capital Market

    Ghassan Omet

An Analysis of Day-of -the-Week effects in the Egyptian Stock Market

    Hassan Aly, Seyed Mehdian, and Mark J. Perry

Testing the Weak-Form Efficiency of the United Arab Emirates Stock Market

    M.A. Moustafa

Volume 9 Number 2 Spring 2004

Asset Allocation and Section 529 Plans

    Ramon P. DeGennaro

On Corporate International Investment under Incomplete Information

    Mondher Bellalah

An Empirical Analysis of Yen-Dollar Currency Swap Market Efficiency

    D.K. Malhotra, Rand Martin, and Vivek Bhargava

Emerging Market Equity Prices and Chaos:  Evidence from Thailand Exchange

    Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath, Ravindra Kamath, and Kambiz Raffiee

Economic Developments, Business Culture and Its Links to Business Practice:Is There a Thai Style of Management?

    F. Gerard Adams and Heidi Vernon

Is the World Bank Funding to the African Region Gainful or Wasteful? A Financial Management Case for Restructuring of the World Bank

    M. R. Kumara Swamy

Volume 9 Number 1 Winter 2004

Memory in World Stock Prices

      Bala G. Arshanapalli, Larry Belcher, Christopher K. Ma, and James E. Mallett

Volume, Volatility, Spreads and Periodic Closure in the French Market

      Mondher Bellalah

The Revised Contract Law and Its Implications on Consumerism in China

      Mary Ip

Extensible Business Reporting Language: The Future of E-Commerce-driven Accounting

      Rashmi Malhotra and Francis Garritt

Why Does Stock Market Volatility Differ across Countries? Evidence from Thirty Seven International Markets

      Xuejing Xing

Inflation Rate Variations across Household: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan

      Pang-Tien Lieu, Chinkun Chang, and Jry-rong Chang

Volume 8 Number 4 Fall 2003

Introduction for the Special Issue

       Mondher Bellalah

On Arbitrage, Information Costs, Compound Options and the Valuation of the Firm and Its Assets

       Mondher Bellalah

War and Emerging Market Default Risk: The Case of India and the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

       Ephraim Clark and Geeta Lakshmi

Value Creation in High-Tech: The Case of the Telecommunication Sector

       Jean-Michel Sahut and Jean-Sebastien Lantz

Using Treasury “Repurchase” Shares to Stabilize Stock Markets

       Nidal Rashid Sabri

The Effect of Asymmetric Information on the Cost of Capital

       Makram Bellalah and Riadh Belhaj 

Portfolio Insurance Strategies: A Comparison of Standard Methods When the Volatility of the Stock Is Stochastic

       Philippe Bertrand and Jean-luc Prigent

Bridge the Gap: Fruitful Contacts Between Finance Professionals and Academics Are Needed

       Jean-Francois Boulier

Volume 8 Number 3 Summer 2003

Introduction for the Special Issue on Emerging Financial Markets of the Middle East

       Yochanan Shachmurove

Political Events and the Stock market: Evidence from Israel

       Tzachi Zach

Efficiency Differences Between the S&P 500 and the Tel-Aviv 25 Indices: A Moving Average Comparison

       Uri BenZion, Paul Klein, Yochanan Shachmurove, and Joseph Yagil

On Risk and Return in MENA Capital Markets

       Eric Girard, Mohamed Omran, and Tarak Zaher

Measuring the Systematic Risk of IPO’s Using Empirical Bayes Estimates in the Thinly Traded Istanbul Stock Exchange

       Gulnur Muradoglu, Asad Zaman, and Mehmet Orhan

Financial Integration of Stock Markets in the Gulf: A Multivariate Cointegration Analysis

       Aqil Mohd. Hadi Hassan

Mean-Reversion Across MENA Stock Markets: Implications for Derivative Pricing

       Sam Hakim and Simon Neaime

Time-Series Analysis of the Impact of Real Interest Rates on Stock Market Activity and Liquidity in Egypt:Co-integration and Error Correction Model Approach

       Mohammed Omran

Volume 8 Number 2 Spring 2003

Can Information Technology Revive Economic Development in East Asia? The Role of Human and Technical Resource Policy

       F. Gerald Adams

The Information Content of Price Limit Moves
       Larry Belcher, Christopher K. Ma. and James E. Mallett

The Performance of Initial Public Offerings in an Emerging Market: The Case of the Istanbul Stock Exchange

       Bradley T. Ewing and Ozkan Ozfidan

Breaking out of the Failure Mode with Best Practice Decision-Making Processes

       Paul C. Nutt

A Forecasting Model for the Likelihood of Delinquency, Default or Prepayment: The Case of Taiwan

       Chin-Tsai Lin and Shih-Yu Yang

Understanding the Business Protocol of Bonding in Establishing Cross-cultural Relationships: A U.S. and Chilean Example

        Angelica C. Cortes

Volume 8 Number 1 Winter 2003

Hubris Amongst U.K. Bidders and Losses to Shareholders

       Mahendra Raj and Michael Forsyth

Value-at-risk and Extreme Returns in Asian Stock Markets

       Andre' L.C. da Silva and Beatriz v. de Melo Mendes

Regional Financial Crises and Equity Market Reactions: The Case of East Asia

       Bahram Adrangi, Kambiz Raffiee, and Todd M. Shank

Predicting Mutual Fund Performance: A Portfolio Commonality Approach

       Louis T. W. Cheng, Kam C. Chan, Lynn K. Pi, and Larry Guin

A Broad Analysis of United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board Approved Accounting Standards

       Takiah Mohd. Iskandar, David C. Yang, Norman Mohd. Saleh, and Terry Gregson

Volume 7 Number 3 Fall 2002

The Changing Triangle: U.S., China and Taiwan

       Hung-Gay Fung and Julius H. Johnson, Jr.

The Three-way Economic Relationships among U.S., Taiwan, and China

       Hung-Gay Fung

Economic Relationships and Outlook of China, U.S., and Taiwan

       Cheng F. Lee

Meet the New China

       Douglas Allen

Non-performing Loan Resolutions in China and Taiwan: A Policy Evaluation

       Yea-Mow Chen

Remarks on the Changing Triangle: the U.S., China, and Taiwan

       Charles Horner

Taiwan and China Cross-strait Negotiations: the International Connection

       Jaw-ling Joanne Chang

Changing Guards and Changing Policies toward China: Taiwanese and American Perspectives

       C.L. Chiou

Volume 7 Number 2 Summer 2002

The Behavior of Secondary European Stock markets to Positive and Negative Shocks

       Yochanon  Shachmurove

Efficiently Estimated Mean and Volatility Characteristics for the Nordic Electric Power Market

       P.B. Solibakke

An Autoregressive Approach of the Arbitrage Pricing Model to the Portuguese Stock Market

       Maria Helena Ferreira Pinto and Manuel J. Rocha Armada

Contingent Fuzzy Approach for the Development of Banks Credit-Granting Evaluation Model: The Case of Taiwan

       Hsien-Chang Kuo, Soushan Wu, Lie-Huey Wang, and Melan Chang

Differences in Strategies of Upward Influence: A Comparative Study of Managers from China, Macao and Portugal

       Robert H. Terpstra, David A. Ralston, Jorge C. Jesuino, and Irene Cheung

Volume 7 Number 1 Spring 2002

Canadian Acquisition of U.S. Divested Assets

       Peter DaDalt, Ginette McManus, and James E. Owers

Issuer-oriented Underpricing, Share Marketability, and Share Value

       Robert M. Pavlik and William H. Dare

Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process in Firms Overall Performance Evaluation: A Case Study in China

       Jiaqin Yang and Ping Shi

An Investigation of the Day-of-the-week Effect in Korea: Has the Anomalous Effect Vanished in the 1990s?

       Ravindra Kamath and Jirayuth Chusanachoti

Financial Management Appraisal of Technology Transfer to Developing Countries via Multinational Corporations

       M.R. Kumara Swamy

How Did Japanese Banks Make Cutbacks in the 1990s?

       Nobuyoshi Yamori and Kazumine Kondo

Volume 6 Number 2 Fall 2001

Greater China Economy: 21 Century Challenges and Opportunities

       Hung-Gay Hung and Dileep R. Mehta

Financial Liberation and Corporate Governance in China

       Hung-Gay Fung and Wai Kin Leung

Short-term Dynamic Transmission and Long-term Foreign Share Discount: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Markets

       Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu and Jiong Liu

A Location Analysis of Taiwanese Manufacturing Branch-Plants in Mainland China

       Jack W. Hou and Kevin H. Zhang

Stock Returns, Volatility, and Trading Volume: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Markets

       Chao Chen and Zhong-Guo Zhou

China's Banking Reform: A Single Step in a Thousand-mile Journey

       Joanne Li and Jot Yau

Chinese Consumer Law: Recent Developments and Implications

       Mary Ip        

Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 2001

Dynamic Interrelations Among Major World Stock Markets: A Neural Network Analysis

       Yochanan Shachmurove and Dorota Witkowska

Efficient Investment Portfolios in a Real-Value Environment: Implications for Portfolio Managers and Bond Yields

       Anthony F. Herbst and Wayne F. Perg

Diffusion of Electronic Stores: A Comparison Between Taiwan and the United States

       Ting-Peng Liang and Yi-Cheng Ku

Contingency Approaches Applied to the Implementation of Strategic Decisions

       Paul C. Nutt

Relevance of Currency Exposure in the Valuation of Single-country Closed-end Funds

       Abraham Mulugetta, Dilip K. Ghosh, and Joseph Cheng

Volatility in Emerging Stock Markets: An Examination of the Middle Eastern Region

       Ibrahim Affaneh and Robert Boldin

Volume 5 Number 2 Fall 2000

Portfolio Analysis of Major Eastern European Stock Markets

       Yochanan Shachmurove

An Exponential Extrapolation Approach for the Valuation and Hedging of American Options  

       Chuang-Chang Chang

Variation and Covariation between Market Timing and Selectivity: an Alternative to Traditional Meta-analysis

        Sydney D. Howell and Manuel J. Rocha Armada

Stock Return and Exchange Rate Risk: Evidence from Asian Stock Markets Based on A Bivariate GARCH Model

        Thomas C.Chiang, Sheng Y. Yang, and Tse S. Wang

Order Submission Decisions and Market Performance under Different Trading Mechanisms

        Yi-Tsung Lee

Volume 5 Number 1 Spring 2000

The International Attributes and Return Performance of Newly-Listed American Depositary Receipts

       Sudhir Nanda, Chenyang Feng, and James E. Owers

A Comparison of Marginal and Average Tobin's Q Ratios

        James S. Ang and Kristine L. Beck

Taxes and the Tax Rate Effect on the Capital/Labor Decision: An International Comparison

       Michael S. Long and Aniko Soltesz

Intraday Pricing Errors at the Tokyo Stock Exchange

       Nobuyoshi Yamori

Optimal Reserve Requirements and Price Stability: Taiwan's Case Study

       Chau-Jumg Kuo and Sode D. Shyu

Volume 4 Number 2 Fall 1999

Asset Pricing Model without Consumption Data: An Empirical Study of Pacific Basin Equity Markets

       Peter Shyan-Rong Chou, Mao-Wei Hung, and Yin-Ching Jan

Russian Mass Privatization: What Has Been Achieved?      

       Trevor Buck, Igor Filatotchev, Mike Wright, and Vladimir Zhukov

Price, Volume and Volatility Spillovers among New York, Tokyo and London Stock Markets

       Sangphill Kim and Meng Rui

Profitability and Volatility of IPO Firms and Underwriter Reputation

       Jean Loo, Dong-Woo Lee, and Jong-Hwan Yi

Cross-National Differences in Corporate Cultures and the Culture-Performance Relationship: A Two-Country Comparison

       Kamal M. Haddad, Chee W. Chow, George Gordon, Richard Nen-Chen Hwang, and Anne Wu

Volume 4 Number 1 Spring 1999

Universal Currency Hedging for International Equity Portfolios under Parameter

        Glen A. Larsen, Jr. and Bruce G. Resnick

Volatility Characteristics and Persistence in Latin American Emerging Markets    

        Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath and Kambiz Raffiee

Transformation of the Second World from Plan to Market: Economic Effects of Culture, Convergence, and Investment

       Richard H. Franke

A Neural Fuzzy System for Sovereign Debt Service Capacity Evaluation

       Weiping Liu and Mark I. Hwang

Stock Market Integration: Evidence from Pacific-Basin Country Funds

       David Ely, Mehdi Salehizadeh, and Moon Song

High-Return Low-Beta Stock Markets: A New Approach with Generalized International Asset Pricing Model

       Sangphill Kim and Young-Yong Kim

Volume 3 Number 2 Fall 1998

Are Dividends Smoothed Signals of Earnings Asymmetry? An Empirical Investigation

       Rakesh Bharati, Manoj Gupta, and Prasad Nanisetty        

Civilian and Defense Research and Development Funding in Six Major Economies

       Thomas L. Powers and Ricardo P. Leal

International Diversification During the 1990s

       Ahmet Tezel and Ginette McManus

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Currency Risk and Country Risk, Country Development, and Country Location

       Svyatoslav V. Yenin and  Stephen F. Borde

Portfolio Optimization Under Realistic Short Sales Restrictions

       Manuel Tarrazo and Gregory Alves

Volume 3 Number 1 Spring 1998

Europe on Its Road to EMU

       Niels Thygesen

The Effects of European Monetary Union on the Dollar and the Yen as International Reserve and Investment Currencies

       Michael Frenkel and Jens Søndergaard

European Financial Integration and EMU Expectations

       Dieter Bender and Norbert Lamar

The Changing Role of Financial Intermediation in Europe

       Gunter Dufey

EMU: What If the Shocks Are in the Labor Markets?

       Gil Mehrez  and Natacha Valla

Towards A Single European Insurance Market        

       Thomas Hess and Thomas Trauth

Regulating the Market for Corporate Control: Lessons from Germany  

       Ulrich Hommel

Volume 2 Number 2 Fall 1997

Exchange Rate Pass-Through and the Role of International Distribution Channels

       Ramarao Desiraju and Milind Shrikhande

A Re-examination of the Impact of Socialization Practices on the Role Adjustment of Professionals  

       Ruth C. King and Vikram Sethi

Product Quality, Gasoline Prices, and Japanese Shares in the U.S. Automobile Market  

       Chyi-Ing Lin, Jer-Shiou Chiou, and Ben-Chieh Liu

Transaction Exposure, Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts and Exchange Rate Risk  

       Arindam Bandopadhyaya

A Study of If-Then-Else Structures in End User Programming  

       Houn-Gee Chen

Volume 2 Number 1 Fall 1997

Exchange Rate Dynamics with Chartists, Fundamentalists, and rational Speculators in the Foreign Exchange Market  

       Michael Frenkel

Marketing and Technology Adaptations for International Success  

       Tung-lung Chang and Cheng-min Chuang

On Existence of An Optimal Stock Price: Evidence from Stock Splits and Reverse Stock Splits in Hong Kong  

       Lifan Wu and Bob Y. Chan

A Heterogeneous Competitive Strategy: Implementation and Implications  

       David Anderson and Jia Wang

The Time Structure of Investment Behavior and Output Price Expectations: Solution of A Paradox  

       Jung-hui Liang and Peter Shyan-rong Chou

Volume 1 Number 2 Fall 1996


Option Trading and the Information Content of Security Prices with Respect to Accounting Earning

       Li-Ching jennifer Ho, Chao-Shin Liu and Jeffrey J. Tsay

Game Theory, Information Economics, Rational Expectations, and Efficient Market Hypothesis: Overviews and Exposition of Interconnections

       Kavous Ardalan

Fluctuation in Currency Value and the Aggregate Profit of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

       Ki-ho Kim and Charles T. Davidson

Re-Education Ragnor: Strategy Amiss

       Manab Thakur

Developing a Network Position in Estonia: The Case of Statoil

       Pervez N. Ghauri and S. Benjamin Prasad

Volume 1 Number 1 Spring 1996


A Model for Corporate Bonds and the Pricing of Interest Rate Swaps with Cridit Risk

       Tong-sheng Sun and Ching Wang

The Effect of Alternative Common Cost Allocations on Managerial Utility and Producting Decisions Under Uncertainty

       Jeong-Bon Kim and Mohamed E. Ibrahim

Predicing NYSE Listing of OTC Firms: A Logit Analysis

       Nen-Chen Hwang and Edmond K.Kwan

Management's Perspectives on Common Stock Dutch Auction Tender Offers

       Majed R. Muhtaseb

A Note on the Calculation of the After-Tax Cost of Debt

       Wm R Mcdaniel, Daniel E McCarty and Kenneth A. Jeesell

The Crisis in Accounting Education: the Case for an Innovative Response

       David Bagley, John Blake, and Henry Lunt